San Juan Mountains: Mount Sneffels

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The Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, Gunnison (GMUG) National Forest manages the Mount Sneffels Wilderness Area which contains many of the thirteen and fourteen thousand foot peaks. Bounded by the Ridgway-Ouray area on the north west, and Telluride on the South, this is an area of rugged peaks and high alpine basins. The gold and silver mines were established in the mining boom in Western Colorado after the Civil War.

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Teakettle Mountain: 13,819 Feet High
Dallas Peak: 13,809 Feet High
Potosi Peak: 13,786 Feet High
West Dallas: 13,741 Feet High
“T 0:” 13,735 Feet High
Kismet: 13,694 Feet High
Gilpin Peak: 13,694 Feet High
Cirque Mountain: 13,686 Feet High
Mount Emma: 13,581 Feet High
Coffeepot: 13,568 Feet High
Block Tops: 13,543 Feet High
Mears Peak: 13,496 Feet High
Whitehouse Mountain A: 13,492 Feet High
Mount Ridgway: 13,468 Feet High
“S6:” 13,441 Feet High
“T 5:” 13.436 Feet High

Chicago Peak: 13,385 Feet High
“S 5:” 13,380 Feet High
“T 7:” 13,359 Feet High
“T 8:” 13,315 Feet High
Mendota Peak: 13,275 Feet High
“S 8:” 13,252 Feet High
“S4:” 13,242 Feet High
“S 7:” 13,220 Feet High
Campbell Peak: 13,213 Feet High
Hayden Peak South: 13,206 Feet High
Hayden Peak North: 13,139 Feet High
Corbett Peak: 13,100 Feet High
Tomboy Peak: 13,095 Feet High
Saint Sophia Ridge: 13,060 Feet High
Wolcott Mountain: 13,041 Feet High
United States Mountain: 13,036 Feet High
Ruffner Mountain: 13,003 Feet High

GMUG National Forest
2250 Highway 50
Delta, CO 81416
(970) 874-6600

Ouray Ranger Dsitrict
2505 S. Townsend
Montrose, CO 81401
(970) 240-5300

USFS: Mount Sneffels Wilderness