Hike: Mesa Verde

JMorgan hike

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Mesa Verde National Park offers many hiking trails that give visitors a deeper understanding of the terrain and the culture of the Ancestral Puebloans. Created in 1906, by President Roosevelt, the park contains 52,485 acres with more than 4,300 identified archaeological sites with 600 cliff dwellings.

USGS Topo Maps Link:

Mancos Point Lookout Cortez
Wetherill Mesa Moccasin Mesa Trail Canyon


Basecamp Cortez Link

Long House Tour

Petroglyph Point Trail

Balcony House Trail

Prater Ridge Trail

Point Lookout Trail


Long House Trail

Cliff Palace Overlook Trail

Spruce Tree House Trail

Nordenskiold Trail

Knife Edge Trail

Far View Sites Loop

Spruce Canyon Trail

Step House Trail

Soda Canyon Overlook Trail

Farming Terrace Trail

Badger House Community Trail

Long House Loop