Hike: Sangre de Christo

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Located in Southern Colorado, the Sangre de Christo Mountains are the southern most chain in the Rockies, stretching from central Colorado into north central New Mexico. With the San Luis Valley on the western side of the range, the Wet Mountain Valley on the east, the Sangres are high and rugged with many 14ers and 13ers for climbing. The highest peak in the range is Blanca Peak, 14,345 feet high, with nine peaks total over fourteen thousand feet in elevation.

The trail reports for this area stretch from south to north, for the sake of simplicity.

Culebra Peak: please note, Culebra Peak is on private property, with a climbing fee attached to this hike/climb.

Lake Como Rd.

Tour de Little Bear

Mt. Lindsey

Lily Lake Trail

Zapata Falls

Mosca Pass Trail

Sand Ramp Trail

Liberty Road

Music Pass Trail to Upper Sand Creek Lake

Lower Sand Creek Lake Trail

Humboldt Peak

Humboldt Peak Summit Trail

South Colony Spur

South Colony Lake Approach

Broken Hand Pass

Crestone Needle

Crestone Peak

Kit Carson and Challenger

Kit Carson North Ridge

Comanche Trail

Venable Trail

Rito Alto Four Pass Loop