JMorgan ride

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The Montrose area has multiple options for the Bike Rider, from the heights of the Uncompahgre Plateau to the pinion- sagebrush of the Gunnison Gorge NCA. Biking in Montrose has options including the Uncompahgre River Way Trail, Sunset Mesa Trail Complex, and the many bike/walk trails within the City.

Basecamp Montrose Link

Enchanted Forest

(Montrose, Sunset Mesa)

Cretaceous View

(Montrose, Sunset Mesa)

Laurie’s Bench

(Montrose, Sunset Mesa)

The Cruz

(Montrose, Sunset Mesa)

Krabbe Mountain Bike Trails

(Montrose, Sunset Mesa)

Hobos Hideout

(Montrose, Sunset Mesa)

River Run

(Montrose, Baldridge Park)

Montrose Big Loop

(Montrose- Gunnison Gorge)

Cerro Summit Trails System

(Highway 50- Cero Summit east of Montrose)