Ride the West End

JMorgan ride

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When thinking of the West End, the words wild and scenic come to mind. West End Mountain Biking features high mesas, deep sandstone canyons, and arroyos. Views of the LaSalle Mountains just over the state line in Utah, as well as the Northern San Juans predominate. Exploring large tracts of pristine public lands on hundreds of miles of double and single track give the rider endless options for exploration. Being the high desert, caution must be taken, carry lots of water and be prepared with water filtration. Animal sightings are common, including elk, deer, bear, coyote, mountain lion, and bobcat.

Paradox Trail:

Cutler Rim Trail:

Y-11 Loop or Out N’ Back:

Lumsden Loop:

Y-11 Trail:

Wildflower Trail – South:

Red Canyon Loop:

Blue Mesa Trail:

Gateway Trails Tour:

Pinon Point Loop:

Note: Trail Widget is incorrect, this trail is located near Norwood, not Mountain Village.