Ouray Ice Park

JMorgan climb, winter

Just a short distance from downtown Ouray is a man made ice park in a natural gorge. Within the Park are over 200 ice and mixed climbs. The Ouray Park was opened in 1995, and is the first park opened exclusively for ice climbing. The Park is developed to support a wide range of skill sets, providing opportunities to for beginners to experts to ice climb.

Admission to the Ouray Ice Park is free, climbers are encouraged to join the Ice Park to provide support for this excellent facility.

Hours: Monday- Friday: 8 am- 4 pm
Saturday- Sunday: 7:30 am- 4 pm.



Ouray Ice Park Maps:


Grade Range: WI2-WI5 & M4- M6

Grade Range: WI3/4 to M9 Mixed

Climbs: “Jesus Built My Finger Crack” (M4, gear)

“Easter Rising” (M8+, gear)

Grade Range: WI4/5 to M-hard “Lead area only, no top roping”

Mixed Routes: Comp Routes Hardline (M9, gear) Fight Ckyb (M7, bolts)

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Grade Range: WI3 to M9 Mixed

Sisters of Mercy (M7, bolts)
Super Dave: (M7), gear
Tic Tac (M7, bolts)

Grade Range: WI2/3 – WI4

Mixed Routes:
Mighty Aphrodite (M9 R/X, Small Cams and Stoppers)
Dizzy with a Vision (M7, Botls and Ice Screws)
Water Torture (M8, Bolts)
Supremacy Crack (M7/M8, Gear)

Grade Range: WI4 – WI5 to M6

Grade Range: WI4 to M7

Mixed Climbs: Uddah Bruddah (M7, bolts) Salsa Lisa (M7-, bolts) Helgi’s Route (M7, bolts and gear)

Grade Range: W13 – W15

This area is just west of the Upper Bridge and not in the Uncompahgre Gorge, with Routes from beginner to intermediate, with a Grade Grange of WI2.

Ouray Climbing: The Mountain Project