Climb: Grand Junction

JMorgan climb

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Grand Junction in Mesa County is the largest city on Colorado’s Western Slope. Located in the midpoint of the Grand Valley, this service center boasts access to 2,693 climbing routes within a 40 mile radius. Mild winter temperatures support climbing activity in the spring and fall seasons. The chief advantage of the Grand Junction area is the massive number and variety of climbs that lie within a close proximity, giving climbers endless options for activity.

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Bangs Canyon:  13 Routes

Located just before the East Entrance of Colorado National Monument:  Broadway to Rim Rock Drive, 1 block to left on D Road, becoming  Rosevale and Little Park Roads, 5 miles to the crest of the hill, turnoff to Rough and Bangs Canyons at the first left.  Bangs Canyon



Bookcliffs: 3 Routes

Mountains located just to the north of the City of Grand Junction.  Bookcliffs



Bullet Hole Boulder Area: 38 Routes

Located just off of Monument Road, .25 miles past the Tabeguache Trail Head, parking is on the right.  Bullet Hole Boulder Area



Colorado National Monument: 181 Routes

Colorado National Monument is located just south of the City of Grand Junction. Colorado National Monument

Park Map Pdf

Colorado NM Climbing Page Link


De Beque Canyon: 38 Routes

The Colorado River flows through De Beque Canyon in eastern Mesa County, I 70 access. De Beque Canyon



Dominguez Canyon: 2 Routes

Located south-east of Grand Junction, includes the Dominguez-Escalante  National Conservation Area (210,172 acres). The Dominguez Canyon Wilderness Area (66,280 acres included in the NCA) is managed by the BLM, and is their largest roadless area in Colorado. The Wilderness Area sits in the middle of the NCA, showcases Big and Little Dominguez Canyons.  This area consists of red rock canyons with sandstone bluffs, all part of the Uncompahgre Plateau.  Dominguez Canyon

Dominguez-Escalante NCA Map Pdf


Dynamite Shacks: 65 Routes

Located just across from the Tabeguache Trail Head on Monument Road, parking on the right. Dynamite Shacks



Escalante Canyon: 81 Routes

Escalante Canyon lies in the south eastern part of the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area. Not included in the Dominguez Canyon WA, this section of the NCA allows for vehicle access on established roads.  Escalante Canyon

Dominguez-Escalante NCA Map Pdf


Grand Mesa (Lands End): 82 Routes

Take Highway 50 east of Grand Junction, 13 miles, travel east on Kannah Creek Road, follow signs to Lands End.  Grand Mesa (Lands End)



Holy Cross Boulders: 18 Routes

From Grand Junction, Broadway to Rim Rock Drive, 1 block to left on D Road, becoming  Rosevale and Little Park Roads, parking is at the Lunch Loop TH, just past the last house located on the right side of Little Park Road. Holy Cross Boulders



McInnis Canyon Bouldering: 4 Routes

Trail Head is just off of Hwy 340 (I70, Fruita exit), take Kings View Road (west) to Devil’s Canyon Road, parking on the right.  McInnis Canyon Bouldering



McInnis Canyons: 8 Routes

The McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area is located just north-west from the Colorado National Monument, and consists of 123,430 acres of BLM administered land.  This NCA contains the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness Area, which has 75,000 acres and the largest concentration of natural arches in North America

McInnis NCA Map Pdf McInnis Canyons


Palisade: 19 Routes

Climbing on Mt. Garfield area, access is by the Mt. Garfield Trail Head just north of the town of Palisade. The attraction is climbing the towers of talus located along the interstate. Palisade Climbing


Rabbit Valley: 2 Routes

Located west of Grand Junction, Rabbit Valley sits on the Colorado-Utah state line.  The Rabbit Valley Staging Area is south of the interstate, use Exit 1. Rabbit Valley


Rattlesnake Canyon: 1 Route

Rattle Snake Canyon is part of the McInnis NCA, located north-west of the Colorado National Monument.  Rattle Snake Canyon is located in the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness Area. Hiking in from the Pollock Bench TH makes a round trip length of 15.5 miles. A second trail head south of the canyon is the shortest route to the Canyon, however it requires a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle for the last several miles. See McInnis Canyons above.

McInnis NCA Map Pdf Rattlesnake Canyon


Riggs’ Hill: 73 Routes

Named for Elmer S. Riggs, a  paleontologist with the Field Museum of Natural History, the hill area is thought of as the first dinosaur quarry in Western Colorado. This area is littered with large boulders, for bouldering. Riggs’ Hill


Rough Canyon: 13 Routes

Located east of the Colorado National Monument, off of Little Park Road; at the Tabeguache Trailhead. Rough Canyon



South Camp: 17 Routes

South Camp Bouldering Area is located off of South Broadway on South Camp Road on the Redlands. The desert hills in this area also the location for the Bullet Hole Boulders and the Dynamite Shacks area.  South Camp Bouldering



The Swimming Hole: 4 Routes

Trail Head parking is at the Rustlers Loop TH, near Loma. Hike along the trail towards the Colorado River. The anchors for rappelling are located at the top of the cliff over the River. the Swimming Hole Rock Climbing



Tabeguache Boulders: 12 Routes

This boulder area is near the eastern boundary of the Colorado National Monument. Cross the Colorado River on Broadway, to Monument Road, follow south for 1.7 miles until reaching the Tabeguache/Lunch Loop TH (the same parking area for Dynamite Shacks), boulder area is located off the Tabeguache Trail. Tabeguache Boulders



Unaweep Canyon: 2019 Routes

Unaweep Canyon is located just east of Grand Junction, take Highway 50, turning south on Highway 141 south.

Unaweep Canyon Page Link