Ouray Area Climbing

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Sitting at the head of a narrow valley, at an elevation of 7,792 feet, Ouray is the perfect destination for the climber on the Western Slope.  Ouray has it all, climb in town in the morning, have a craft beer at the brewery, and soak in the hot springs in the afternoon.  Think of four season climbing opportunities, ice climbing, bouldering, and rock climbing are the draws to this small community in the northern San Juan Mountains.



Camp Bird Mine Road/ Mountain Rescue Cache Crag Rock Climbing: 6 Routes
South of Ouray to Camp Bird Mine Road (just above the Ouray Ice Park), west on Camp Bird Mine Road with parking at the first major switchback, past the Mountain Rescue Cache on the right, with the CDOT building on the left.
Mountainproject.com: Camp Bird Mine Road/ Mountain Rescue Cache Crag Rock Climbing

Chunder Dome Rock Climbing:  2 Routes

Located to the left of “Misfits Wall” and “Waterfall Rock Climbing,” south of Ouray off of Hwy 550.
Mountainproject.com: Chunder Dome Rock Climbing

Engineer Pass Crag: 1 Route
South of Ouray on Hwy 550 to the turnoff to Engineer Pass, looking west across the creek to the crag.
Mountainproject.com: Engineer Pass Craig

Jimmy Cliff Rock Climbing: 12 Routes
Above the Ouray Ice Park, Hwy 550 South, parking at the Sutton Mine Trail.  Following the trail for .5 mile. Trail is faint to the right over a grey slab of rock.
Mountainproject.com: Jimmy Cliff Rock Climbing

Misfits Wall Rock Climbing: 2 Routes

Located south of Ouray, in the same area as the Waterfall Wall Rock Climbing Area. A wall area that is upstream or to the left of “Princess Ella’s Magic Adventure.”

Mountainproject.com: Misfits Wall Rock Climbing

Ouray Rotary Park-Rink Wall Rock Climbing: 19 Routes

Rotary Park is located just north of Ouray on the east side of Hwy 550, the cliff is perhaps 30 feet from the parking area.

Mountainproject.com: Ouray Rotary Park-Rink Wall Rock Climbing

Overlook Cliff: 30 Routes
Overlook Cliff is right above the Ouray Ice Park, drive south of Ouray of Hwy 550, just after the first switchback take the right to Yankee Boy Basin and the Camp Bird Mine.  Continue for .5 mile to the Sutton Mine TH parking.
Mountainproject.com: Overlook Cliff

The Pool Wall: 59 Routes
Located across from the Ouray Hot Springs Pool (do not park at the miniature golf center), walk up the drainage to the left of the miniature golf center, for a more detailed access description:

Mountainproject.com: The Pool Wall Rock Climbing

Ridgway Dike Wall: 7 Routes
Travel south from the Ridgway stoplight on Hwy 550, just past Orvis Hot Springs, look for a BLM road on the left (watch for private driveways). The Dike Wall is on the left (east) side of the road.
Mountainproject.com: Ridgway Dike Wall

Ridgway State Park Bouldering: 2 Routes
Located on Hwy 550 just north of Ridgway, use the Dutch Charlie entrance to the park, parking near the headquarters; cliff line is down the Overlook trail (west). The One-Of–A-Kind Boulder is located off of the gravel Nature Trail, hiking south.

Mountainproject.com: Ridgway State Park Bouldering

Randall’s Badger Sanctuary aka Spider Den Rock Climbing: 7 Routes

Turn right on 7th Avenue, turn right on Queen Street, and left on South Pinecrest to the “New” Twin Peaks TH. At the TH walk up the street, around the bend, to the chain gate.  The wall is visable.
Mountainproject.com: Randall’s Badger Sanctuary aka Spider Den Rock Climbing

Sandias Rock Climbing: 1 Route
In Ouray, travel west on 7th Avenue, going to the left on Oak, right on Queen Street to the Twin Peaks TH.

Mountainproject.com: Sandias Rock Climbing

Secret Stash:  6 Routes
Drive south of Ouray for several miles, to Engineer Pass Road (4-Wheel Drive road)  at .8 mile there is a pullout on the right for parking.

Mountainproject.com: Secret Stash


Waterfall Wall Rock Climbing: 10 Routes

Located south of Ouray, travel Hwy 550 past the Engineer Pass/ Alpine Loop Road (closed winter), look for parking about 1 mile on the right. Look for the waterfall and wall across the canyon.

Mountainproject.com: Waterfall Wall Rock Climbing


Upper Cascade Wall: 6 Routes

Travel south of Ouray on Hwy 550, turning left to the Amphitheater Campground, continue to the Upper Cascade Falls TH, see:

Mountainproject.com: Upper Cascade Wall






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